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szilveszter single frankfurt

Astronaut and Abstract Music Boss, member the Astronautmusic events as well a tried dancefloor entertainer He was born inin the city of Budapest, Hungary. In he was asked to be the resident disc jockey of the local disco.

Then all the clubs in the nearby towns invited the young disc jockey. At this time, he mostly played the then popular black records and early house singles. By he was well-known nationwide, and was a popular act in numerous clubs and events.

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He joined Underground Records in By this time he was a regular and steady act of all major Hungarian festivals and event. In Obrotka directly realise one of his dreams.

szilveszter single frankfurt

In his first vinyl record was issued, earning him international acclaim. This has since been followed by numerous similarly successful digital publications.

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In he started Abstract Music, the sub-label to Astronaut Music, which deals with deeper, szilveszter single frankfurt futuristic materials. Shop owner, producer, Komoly társkereső alkalmazás, event organizer, he is a szilveszter single frankfurt and a definitive actor in the party life of Hungary.

Silvester in Frankfurt/M 2020 New Year Fireworks in Frankfurt (Germany) - Viti i Ri ne Frankfurt

His style is eclectic, hard to define; is a huge variation from melodic house to maintime techno pieces.

Now continued on his quest to entertain the dancefloors, and doing what he knows best: simply celebrating the moment and letting the music speak for itself, beisides he work already on his next single Discography: dec: Record Shop pres.

szilveszter single frankfurt

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