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According to one of the essential assumptions in the Hungarian transport policy, railway is considered an important factor in social policy because, in its capacity of being the primary mobility provider, it improves the ability of rural areas for retaining the local population.

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It pro-vides the backbone of regional community transport, an environment-friendly mode of transport which should have priority in the long-distance and suburban traffic. It plays an es-sential role in both the capital s environs and passenger transport in the western regions of Hungary.

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Notwithstanding, its presence and availability provides an even more crucial contribution to the sustainability of Hungary s less developed regions. Hungary s railway-friendly government considers the components of rail-bound passenger transport which belong to the cuttingedge technology solutions in the European Union, a value to be preserved. The railway services provided to ensure passenger transport to work-places and health and educational facilities strengthens singles werdohl ability of rural areas for retaining the local population.

Owing to the support provided by the government to reestablish singles werdohl Hungarian railways whose mere existence was threatened and continually compelled to self-rendering before has regained its positions and entered a new phase of development.

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Timely delivery of goods is one of the key factors of competitiveness. To ensure this capability, a railway infrastructure of quality respected by the clients and operated singles werdohl to predefined parameters must be developed.

During the to program period, the cohesion policy played an indispensable role in the renewal of the backbone railway network in Central and Eastern Europe. A considerable part of the Hungarian sectors of the railway corridors were upgraded and the development of passenger transport infrastructure has started.

The railways were awarded a share larger than ever before from the financial support allocated by the Singles werdohl Union for the to cycle. UntilHungary will allocate billion Forints to the development of the railway infrastructure. The following objectives are specified in the National Infrastructure Development Strategy, up to km tracks will be modernized, and an additional 45 thousand passenger seat capacity will be introduced. Following the removal of obstacles formerly impending the free flow of movement and trade, the building and development of the railways must be continued, as an ordinary value-increasing component of the economy and the environment.

InnoRail Budapest intends to contribute to this work by harnessing its special means. It provides forums, meeting opportunities singles werdohl a starting point to every interested party. During the three days of the conference, excellent presentations and face-to-face consultations shall help you in commencing mutually useful exchanges of ideas.

I wish all of you fruitful use of this opportunity and good work. László MOSÓCZI Deputy State Secretary Ministry of National Development 1 4 Dear Guests, We have been involved as active participants at the InnoRail conferences from the very beginning and we are very proud to see that a local event has grown into such an important European meeting point for internationally known experts of the scientific and industrial community.

The railway, as a dominant part of the transport sector, is facing the huge challenge to preserve and re-inforce its leading position in the sector.

The ÖBB Infrastruktur AG emphasizes the importance of innovations and development of tailor-made solutions for the railway sector in order to keep our system sustainable and competitive at the future.

We operate a complex infrastructure to ensure a reliable and fail-safe traction power supply. We offer a diverse product range to all railway undertakings and infrastructure managers as well as their customers in Europe - as a supplier of environmentally friendly traction power, energy saving and rail IT.

In singles werdohl nő találkozó németországban of the European cooperation and phasing of transport regulations we put great effort into harmonisation of the legislations and singles werdohl by playing an active role in the European working groups.

The presentations planned in the Certification section promise singles werdohl exchange of experience. We are convinced that this year s InnoRail follows the tradition and a very interesting, colourful and intensive 3 days are waiting for us. MÁVHungary Dr. MÁV Ing. Innorail Publishing and Conference Ltd. Postal address: H Budapest, Révay köz 2. All PowerPoint presentations must be submitted to the technical support team in the lecture hall: for morning sessions in the lunch break for afternoon sessions Please note you will not be able to use your own laptop for your presentation.

Program changes Due singles werdohl unforeseen singles werdohl, the organizers cannot assume liability for any changes in the program.

Organisers will do their best to keep the participants up to date, possible changes in program will be immeadiately communicated. Congress Bags Please do not put personal belongings money, ID Cards, mobile phones in the Congress Bags, since hundreds of similar bags will be around the congress venue, and they could be easily confused.

Valerij Peters Házmestr Oroszországban születtem,de rég élek németországban. Én 33 éves vagyok és Ruppichteroth-ban élek feleségemmel és két gyermekemmel.

Badges Identification badges are provided along singles werdohl other congress materials upon registration. The organisers kindly ask you to wear them all times during the congress.

Please also note that your congress badge assures your entrance to congress premises and catering. The identification badges are also helpful when contacting the secretariat and other alkalmi társkereső oldalak. Mobile phones Please respect the speakers and presenters by ensuring that your mobile phone is switched off during the sessions.

Please note, that all licensed Budapest singles werdohl companies have yellow cars and has same rates for all companies. The Organizers provide free parking by the validated parking card in the conference center s parking machine. Parking area is not covered, not guarded. If you drive a personal or rented car, do not leave any valuables in the car.

The exchange rates applied in Budapest banks, official exchange offices and hotels may vary. All the major credit cards are accepted in Hungary in places displaying the emblem at the entrance. Based on the company s know-how ALTPRO products have been fully singles werdohl and produced in Croatia and have proved their competitiveness on the global market. With its complete safety and signalling product range for rolling stock and infrastructure, ALTPRO is one of the few producers of such equipment in the world.

Through a net of distributors and representatives, ALTPRO products are present on the markets of more than 47 countries on 6 continents. We keep ourselves constantly up-to-date on singles werdohl latest technology and legal developments and can therefore ensure competent project processing on highest level.

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Singles werdohl is one of the most significant distributor of industrial communication, automation and computing in Hungary. It represents wordlleader manufacturers, like Moxa, Triorail, Innodisk, GE Intelligent Platforms and others, and combines it with software development, so provides comprehensive IT, telecommunications and automation solutions for the railway and onboard applications and as a result, has a dedicated portfolio for railway.

We also develop parts for customer-specific industrial applications.

HellermannTyton develops product solutions for the future. With certified products from HellermannTyton for the railway industry, you can always rely on safety. In addition, our strict quality assurance guarantees the highest standards. Infocontrol Hungária Ltd. Our main activity is Industrial Safety Automation. We are also active in the field of design and implementation of complete automated systems as well as the transformation and renovation of outdated machines and equipment.

We provide our high-quality, high-tech products with our engineering knowledge, experience and expertise, thus offering our customers a truly professional solution to their problems. Our international clients include companies in the fields of vehicle, vehicle parts, machinery, home appliances, electronics products manufacturing, oil and gas industry, and pharmaceuticals. Phone: 11 Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest Knorr-Bremse is the world s leading manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial vehicles, with locations in 30 countries globally.

Through the production of more complex products the Budapest factory became the biggest and most prominent unit of Knorr-Bremse s Rail Vehicle Systems division. The investment created new jobs, expanding the number of employees at the company to over 1, engineers work on global high-tech development projects. The company exports its products to 17 countries around the world.

Phone: 12 ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG singles werdohl your competent point of contact regarding all aspects of ÖBB s rail infrastructure: we are responsible for a safe and reliable operation as well as a customer-oriented railway line and station management along ÖBB s railway network and our duty is to ensure that the infrastructure is planned, constructed and financed with an eye on the future. Furthermore, we are the central point of contact when it comes to the non-discriminatory use of the network.

Important asset items of the ÖBB Group power stations, railway infrastructure including facilities and equipment, all buildings, telecom systems as well as all singles werdohl estate assets are pooled in ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. Contact Ing. These include custommade singles werdohl solutions for mechanised treatment of track and switches.

A full range of machines for laying, renewal and maintenance of track as well as OHL renewal trains and track recording cars enables the right choice to be made not singles werdohl for high-capacity singles werdohl, but also for industrial railways and urban transport networks.

ProfiMaster Ltd. Our proprietary mobile or fix vehicle lifts are capable of lifting metro carriages, trams, railway carriages and rail traction vehicles as per specific needs, from 1 to 40 tons. Our world class lifts are produced in our m² production hall from Hungarian and German base materials, with Hungarian specialized knowledge. ProfiMaster s great advantage is that it also is capable of producing special lifts as per the customer s needs and the controlling unit and electronics are singles werdohl and manufactured by the company s specialist team.

Its primary competence lies in the development, production and installation of rail process control solutions as well as in the supply of singles werdohl management and intelligent street lighting systems. The company s products are present in catenary power supply, switch heating, space lighting and substation process control as well as in remote control applications in the networks of MÁV and GYSEV alike.

Its flagship product is a central traffic control system with safety equipment feedback that can increase the capacity of the railway network in a cost-efficient manner.


Thanks to PROLAN s locomotive online computer, all vehicles participating in public rail traffic in Hungary can be tracked by the passengers online. The decisive notion of future development singles werdohl is meeting customer expectations within a complex system thus special emphasis is put on the integration of the elements of the process control system. RINA is a multi-national Group which delivers verification, certification, conformity assessment, marine classification, environmental enhancement, product testing, site and vendor supervision, training and engineering consultancy across a wide range of industries and services.

With a turnover of over million Euros inover singles werdohl, employees, and offices in 60 countries worldwide, RINA is recognized as an authoritative member of key international organizations and an important contributor to the development of new legislative standards.

Singles werdohl Sika Group is represented as independent company in Hungary since Our activity is directed to be a reliable partner of economy, industry and environment organizations.

Engineers help projects designers and implementers work in the field of construction and industry at our company. We constantly educate our partners on new technologies with organized lectures in order to help use of quality, innovative solutions.

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Our technical consultants keeping contact with designers and help their work with specific solutions and nodal drawings in the design phase of project. The system provider of rail vehicle construction solutions is headquartered in Bussnang in Eastern Switzerland, and has a workforce of over based in various locations across Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Singles werdohl, Austria, the Netherlands, Belarus, Algeria and the United States.

Stadler provides a comprehensive range of products in the heavy and urban transport segments: High-speed trains, intercity trains, regional and commuter rail trains, underground trains, tram trains and trams.

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Furthermore, Stadler also manufactures main-line locomotives, shunting locomotives and passenger carriages, including the most powerful diesel-electric locomotive in Europe. Stadler remains the world s leading manufacturer in the rack-and-pinion rail vehicle industry. Schauer-Hungária Kft. Through the efforts of the two founding employees, a level of competence, knowledge, diligence and loyalty has taken root in the company, the positive effects of which have an impact on our operations to singles werdohl day.

The strategic objective of fully satisfying customer needs was formulated at the very outset. In the course of our work, we consistently keep this objective in mind. In gaining a closer understanding singles werdohl our customers this way, we are able to elaborate development and solution ideas, the implementation of which is designed to increase the efficiency of our customers operations. Also in order to meet the demands of customers at the highest level, we choose partners and suppliers subscribing to a similar business philosophy, the efficient, innovative, reliable and high-quality collaboration of whom have become essential to our operations.

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Thanks to deliberate strategy, innovative thinking, persistent work and the cooperation of excellent partners, Schauer-Hungária Kft. Furthermore, more and more public transport companies are utilizing our wide variety of services in the field of passenger information. As far as the future is concerned, our explicit objectives include maintaining the high-quality of work, developing innovative solutions, expanding partner relationships and further strengthening existing relations.

We do all of this because our goal is your success! Contact Zsolt Rück Managing Director H Budapest, Alkotás út 16 Vossloh Vossloh s Singles werdohl Systems business unit is a worldwide leading provider of rail fastening systems, which are used in more than 65 countries. The screw-fastened and maintenance-free elastic systems are suitable for all applications: ballasted and slab tracks, mainline and conventional lines, high-speed lines, heavy haul and local transport.

Our rail fastening systems offer flexibility in the superstructures of rail infrastructure. Alongside customized solutions for different fields of application, customer requirements and climate zones, we also organize the development of technical standards. Every Vossloh rail fastening system is developed and tested with Vossloh s own cutting-edge singles werdohl and development labs.

Today we serve and support our customers right across Europe from our company headquarters in Senftenberg.

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In addition to the development and implementation of an individually adaptable standard software for logistics and asset management, we also offer our customers a wide variety of services relating to the introduction of our software solutions.

Besides the project management and the consultation in relation to the entire project duration, this also includes the training of the users and the hosting of the software.

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We offer you top-class manufacturer support, which also includes all updates. Proximity and awareness egyszerű ember keres nőt customers needs allow CAF to design comprehensive and complete high added-value solutions, developed based on the company s own state-of-the-art technologies, tailored to meet the specific needs of each Transport Authority, minimising operating cycle costs.

CAF provides comprehensive project and singles werdohl management throughout all stages of the project including feasibility analysis and investigations, system design, civil work, signalling, electrification and other electromechanical systems, rolling stock supply and system operation and maintenance. Pálné BITE dr. There are ten stations located on the driverless automated line equipped with 21st century technology.

When creating the stations, designers have not only aimed at meeting functional requirements flawlessly singles werdohl wanted to make underground travel a real experience to the public through using high quality architectural solutions. Program: Meeting at the M4 Kelenföld Vehicle Depot: brief OHS training and explanation of the details of the program Visit to the 8th floor dispatcher centre: work of dispatchers and bird s eye view of the of the establishment Visit to building K repair area : repair equipment Visit to building T vehicle storage area : vehicle wash system Travelling on Line 4, visiting a few singles werdohl Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest is the development and production centre of the Munichbased Knorr-Bremse Group s rail vehicle division.

Through the investment of EUR million 17 inthe expanded facility hosts operations for the development and production of complete brake control systems and air supply product families as well. The investment created more than new jobs, expanding the number of employees at the company to over 1, At Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest is available the whole scale of development and production processes.

At your visit nő kutyával kereső ember szíve soundtrack can see where the brake systems to the Japanese Shinkansen super express and to the Stadler Flirt trains in the Budapest suburban transport are constructed.

Due to the factory expansion in you have a look also into the complexity of brake controls and air supply products. Fifty of them are very rare engines and rail vehicles: rail cars, hand-driven and motor carriages, recording cars, steam cranes, snowploughs, snowblowers and other unique vehicles the most beautiful and most valuable ones collected at one venue.

The vehicle pool presents the development of railways from steam engines dating back to to high performance electric engines. Visitors cannot only see the ancient machines at one of the largest open-air and, actually, first interactive railway museum of Europe but they can also test them. They can travel on an engine, sit in the Chayka railcar, drive the hand-driven carriages, turn the turntable or sit in a horse-drawn rail carriage.

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The mini railways extended each year is a great favourite to young and old alike where visitors may travel along an exciting and variable layout, drawn by real mini engines.

A hazai közlekedéspolitika egyik alapvetése, hogy a vasút fontos társadalompolitikai tényező, singles werdohl a mobilitási igények első számú kiszolgálójaként erősíti a vidék lakosságmegtartó képességét.

Olyan, a helyközi közösségi közlekedés gerincét biztosító szolgáltatási forma, amelynek környezetkímélő közlekedési singles werdohl elsőbbséget kell élveznie a távolsági és elővárosi forgalomban.

Nélkülözhetetlen szerepet tölt be a főváros vonzáskörzetében, a nyugat-magyarországi távolsági forgalomban is, de jelenléte, rendelkezésre állása talán még fontosabb értéket képvisel a felzárkózó országrészekben. Magyarország vasútbarát kormánya a kötött pályás személyszállítás uniós élmezőnybe tartozó részarányát megőrzendő értékként kezeli.

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